April 9, 2013

Homemade Paddles and Balloon Game

I'm very cheap when it comes to my children's fun.  If I don't buy their entertainment at a garage sale / thrift store / children's consignment event, then I make it.  Children are usually entertained by the simplest of things, so I generally believe that most entertainment can be found in objects around the house.  Mine currently love watching the washing machine run through a cycle, for instance.  When we're not watching our clothes being laundered, we are playing this game.  It's simple, really, and the kids get a kick out of it.  You make two paddles of sorts, then you hit the balloon(s) with them.  So we have balloons, and we have hitting stuff.  What's not to like?

duct tape
paper plates or cardboard
popsicle sticks

First, blow up your balloon(s)*.  Now, I would have used paper plates for our hitting device, except that we didn't have any.  Instead, I cut large squares from a moving box we had lying around.  Next, use the duct tape to affix your popsicle sticks to the paper plate / cardboard.  I couldn't find our duct tape so I used scotch tape instead, which I really don't recommend.  It works in a pinch but doesn't stay taped like duct tape does. And that's it.  Hit those balloons, and be entertained by the fact that you just created some cheap entertainment.

*Obviously you must be careful with latex balloons around small children, as they can pose a choking hazard if popped.  Therefore, you must keep a close eye on youngsters playing this game.

Photo: A Musing Mamma

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  1. This idea is great! It's not just fun for the kids. I find myself playing with them even when the kids aren't there! Thanks A Musing Mama for another good suggestion!