March 26, 2013

The Best Place To Buy Vanilla Beans

Have you ever made homemade vanilla extract?  It is amazing.  I made some for my friends and family for Christmas gifts using this recipe .  The fact that one bottle will last you a very long time has me hooked. Talk about saving a lot of money!

I needed a lot of vanilla beans so I scouted them on and let me tell you... it is the best place to buy vanilla beans. If you have ever bought vanilla beans at the store then you are well aware of how expensive they are.  You can buy them in bulk on Amazon for a very inexpensive price.  I purchased mine (Marky's Vanilla Beans) for $18.63 and it had 70-80 beans in it. That, my friends, is an AMAZING deal.  I had so many that I ended up giving the leftovers to friends and family also as gifts (after I saved a bunch for myself, of course). The particular ones I bought aren't available at the time of this post, but here is something similar, or here.

Now, go make some vanilla extract or homemade vanilla ice cream!

Photo: Ruth Dombrowski for A Musing Mamma

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